St. Catharines Courthouse

Ontario Court of Justice


Photographs are provided to assist in locating this courthouse:

59 Church St.


St. Catharines



L2R 7N8


Other cities and towns served by this courthouse:

Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake

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Law Library at this Courthouse


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Directions to this Courthouse:

Take the Q.E.W. ramp to Hamilton - go 0.4 km Merge into QEW - go 10 km Continue on HWY-403 W - go 21 km Continue on QEW toward Niagara/Fort Erie - go 54 km Take exit 46 to Lake Street (RR-44) - go 0.2 km Turn right at Dunlop Dr - go 0.1 km Turn left at Lake St - go 1.5 km Turn left at James St - go 0.4 km Turn right at Church St - go 0.0 km

History of Courthouses in this County:


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