Old City Hall

Ontario Court of Justice


Photographs are provided to assist in locating this courthouse:

Old City Hall

60 Queen Street West

Queen and Bay




M5H 2M4


Other cities and towns served by this courthouse:

OPP Downsview

Parking at this Courthouse:

Park in the underground parking below Toronto's "new" city hall.

Photocopying at this Courthouse:


Food at this Courthouse:

Coffee shop in basement at base of east stairs. Many outdoor vendors in front of "new" city hall. Fast food at Eaton Centre.

Lawyers' Lounge at this Courthouse:

Small room with a coat rack near coutroom 111.

Law Library at this Courthouse

None. Use the Great Library at Osgoode Hall or the York Law Association library at 361 University Avenue.

Court Internet Data at this Courthouse:

None. Not even a paging system.

Directions to this Courthouse:

North on Bay Street to Queen Street. Look for the clock tower.

History of Courthouses in this County:

A beautiful 100 year old building with lots of character. Used for many Hollywood North films. Home of the CBC television series "This is Wonderland".