First Appearance for Young Persons at Brampton Youth Court

If you are out of custody, your first attendance (we also call it first appearance) in Court will be in Courtroom 204 in Brampton. This Courtroom is on the second floor near the Light Blue (turquoise) pin on the Map.

You will check in and be given disclosure. You don't need to enter a plea and you should not be telling anyone that you are pleading guilty. Be wary of offers coming from the Crown or clerks; don't commit to anything (including transfer to guilty plea Court) without first consulting a lawyer.

Your matter will be adjourned (some call it a remand or postponement) before a Justice of the Peace.

You must wait until your name is called. You cannot be called early unless you have your retained lawyer with you. Sit quietly in the public area and only come forward when your name is called. Make sure your cell phone is turned off. Transmission functions interfere with Court recording equipment. Your App's data collection function can be turned off in "Settings" on your iPhone.

When you come forward clearly identify yourself into the microphone. Request a "three week adjournment" to speak to a lawyer. If you haven't received disclosure yet say so and mention that your lawyer will need disclosure to give you advice. Ask if there is a video DVD.

Once you are finished in Court you should telephone a criminal law lawyer for an Appointment. There is a list of Peel barristers on this App.  Other resources include the Peel Criminal Lawyers Association and the Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association.

We have a very good system of emergency Duty Counsel at Brampton who provide emergency advice to persons in Court that day for bails or remand. Although many of them are very experienced lawyers in private practice, they cannot take the place of a privately retained lawyer who has the time and resources to get to know you and your case. Advice and plea Duty Counsel can be found just inside the doors and outside Courtroom 204. Ask them for emergency help if you get stuck but don't expect them to act for you the way they would if they were privately retained.