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Should I bring my child to the police station?

Now that summer holidays are finished and children are back at school, police have good opportunities to interview young persons that have been away on holidays. Police officers are back from vacation and it is time for police officers to attend at schools and start gathering information about who has done what over the summer. Those interviews will aid in investigation of break & enter, mischief, robbery, and assault incidents over the summer. The number of new charges laid against young persons will increase over the next few weeks. You, as a parent, need to ready for the call from the police, saying that "they would like you to bring your child into a police station for police to ask them a few questions" about what they did during the summer. The beginning of the school year facilitates such police interrogations.

School yard assaults, robbery, and outside-of-school mischiefs will begin again as young persons make new friends. Groups of negative peers will start breaking into homes during lunches and after schools. Robberies and other harassment of fellow students will begin as young persons covet new mobile phones and other new technology brought to school.

You, as a parent, may find that you need quick legal advice as to what you should do when you get the phone call from the police. Many of these requests will come BEFORE any arrest has been made. You, as a parent, are being asked to assist in a police investigation, potentially against your son or daughter. Call me at 905-273-3322.


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