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We represent young persons at all GTA Youth Court Courthouses including Brampton, Milton, Orangeville, Guelph, and Toronto.

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Change the Young Offenders Act!

Updated: Feb 6

People have been debating the Young Offenders Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act since 1984 and many years before that. Some politicians seem to think that young persons who commit crimes are treated lightly and don't face tough consequences for criminal behaviour. This image is from a brochure about the Young Offenders Act from the 1980's.

Some people think that the YCJA should be eliminated entirely so that children are treated in criminal Courts identically to adults. Some people think that we should return to the Juvenile Delinquents Act of 1908 whereby juveniles were treated as "delinquents", in a state of delinquency that could result in Children's Aid Society placement or Training Schools.

It is fascinating to review the history of juvenile legislation in Canada. There are images on Facebook from very old Canadian juvenile justice legislation. You may wish to go to a law library to read these old statutes.

If you would like to get involved in debate about the future of juvenile justice in Canada here is a site.