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Protecting My Child's Reputation

When your child goes for an interview, years from now, how will their experience in Youth Court affect their chances of getting into a good university, getting into a profession, and getting a job?

Fear about a Youth Court record during job interview

It is extremely important that parents do their best to protect their children's reputations from the very beginning of any interaction with the police. No contact at all, having no entries whatsoever, as witness, person of interest, or suspect is best. However, if police have asked to interview your child for any reason, you need to get legal advice first.

Once your child has been charged, it is very important that you get basic legal advice before going to Youth Court. Your lawyer will explain Youth Court procedure, help to get disclosure, tell you and your child what to avoid, and give you a plan of action.

Today, I wrote a letter to a local police service, asking that they purge all of their records in respect of my client, who had been charged with a very serious offence. From the beginning of my involvement with this individual last year, we played hard ball in Court. We didn't admit anything. We told the Crown that they would have to prove everything. After a lot of work and many Court appearances, the Crown's case against our client fell apart, and the Crown withdrew all charges against the client.

Speak to a lawyer at an early stage and get basic advice.


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